You Shower Every Day… What About Your Car or Truck?   NOW THEY CAN!!!

Unlimited Car Washes - Prices Start as Low as $33 a Month!


Additional Benefits:

Unlimited Exterior Customers who remain in the plan for 6 months receive a FREE STEAMER LANE car wash every 6 months.

Plus: ALL Unlimited Customers receive an 8¢ gal. gas discount!


  • CRUZ THROUGH : $33 ( $1.10 per day)
  • CRUZ EXPRESS WAX: $42 ( $1.40 per day)
  • CRUZ EXTREME SHINE & WAX: $48 ( $1.60 per day)
  • THE HOOK : $64 ( $2.13 per day)
  • STEAMER LANE : $78 ( $2.60 per day)
  • COWELL'S : $90 ( $3.00 per day)
  • PLEASURE POINT : $116 ( $3.87 per day)
  • HAND WASH : $165 ( $5.50 per day)


  • Wash as often as you like for one low monthly fee!
  • No contract to sign – cancel anytime
  • Register and begin immediately


Call us at (831) 476-7246 or see our cashier to enroll today!


The VIP Plan

VIP plan members automatically receive a free $25 wash every 8th visit (up to 3 cars can be listed on your plan and the 8th visit by any of these three cars triggers a free $25 wash. If you want a more expensive wash you’re given a $25 credit on that wash.)

Each washed car gets a 48 hour clean car guarantee (bring your car back within 48 hours of your last wash for a free exterior wash).

The Cruz Card

cruz-cardThis is a pre-paid card that entitles you to buy any full-service wash service at 15% less. Most folks keep a balance of $50-$150 on the card and then re-charge it when it runs down. Think about the savings with a VIP Plan AND Cruz Card: every 8th wash is free $25 wash AND all of the washes are discounted 15%!

Monthly & Annual Plans

For sheer convenience, nothing beats a monthly or annual plan. Come in as often as you want without having to bother with payment.

Pre-Paid Wash Cards

We also offer all of our popular washes on a “Buy 3, get 4” or “Buy 5, get 7” plan. Aside from the obvious savings, these make great gift and reward cards for friends, family and colleagues.

Get your favorite wash free today by purchasing your washes in bulk.

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Cruz Car Wash will NEVER sell or share your number. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

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