Santa Cruz Aerials

Aerial Photos by
Jeremy S. Lezin

I have been enamored with photography since I was 11, when I learned to develop and print pictures in my dad’s darkroom. That led to shooting & printing photos for my 8th grade yearbook. In 1975 I was commissioned to shoot a coffee table book called “The Factory,” documenting leather workers in NYC. It is still available through

In 1978 I got my pilot’s license and quickly learned how much fun it was to combine photography with my new love of flying. Although I no longer climb out on the wing struts with large view cameras to get the “right shot,” I have progressed to an experimental plane of my own making and now use digital photography. All of the photos here were shot digitally (are you film purists surprised?).

The Air Cam is a twin-engine pusher which was designed to shoot a story on the Congo, for the National Geographic Magazine. Begun in 1997, my kit was finished after 1000 hours and a year and a half of intense fun. It is a 27’ canoe called “Chiquita,” which provides incomparable views of the countryside as it passes lazily below. It’s like fast ballooning. Often when I race cars on the ground, they win.

All of the photos displayed here are for sale. Enquire within if interested. Many thanks for visiting Cruz Car Wash!

Jeremy S. Lezin

Enjoy the slideshow below!

All images taken by Jeremy Lezin

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