The VIP Plan

VIP plan members automatically receive a free $25 wash every 8th visit (up to 3 cars can be listed on your plan and the 8th visit by any of these three cars triggers a free $25 wash. If you want a more expensive wash you’re given a $25 credit on that wash.)

Each washed car gets a 48 hour clean car guarantee (bring your car back within 48 hours of your last wash for a free exterior wash).

You get a free $25 birthday wash during a seven day window around your birthday (3 days before, on, or up to 3 days after). Happy Birthday!

You get a 10% discount on all Express Detail services, including exterior and interior detailing, Express Waxes, etc.

The cool part is that you don’t have to do anything to get the benefits other than come in! We enter your license plate, so you don’t have to remember to ask for anything. And you’ll join the thousands of Cruz VIP members who get monthly offers through email for additional deals. $11 per year for up to 3 vehicles.

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Cruz Car Wash is the best place to get your car washed in Santa Cruz county.

This place is fantastic! This place gets 5 gold stars for performance...